Indian National Congress Election Manifesto

Been getting continuous e-mails for the last three days seeking suggestions for INC election manifesto. What can one say about the MOST CORRUPT and MOST INEFFICIENT government the Indians ever had since independence. Perhaps, we can suggest the following.

1.  Since 2G and 3G are over. INC can promise their country-men that they will bring in 10G revolution and rake in the moolah thousand times over!

2. After the coal gate, etc., they can promise to enrich themselves with GOLD-GATE!

3. They can say their government will GO ALL OUT to please their neighbours, especially Pakistan and China, much to the delight of human rights organization and to the chagrin of common man.

We can keep adding promises in the manifesto, if we look at what the present UPA government had been doing for the last 10 years and if and when we do so, the list will take days to read.

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