That’s the way I look at it!

While dealing with the Telengana crisis, Sonia … er . Congress seems to be caught in a time warp! First it was Mr P Chidambaram who came out with a midnight pronouncement (could it be without the supreme madam’s knowledge?). The midnight drama – let us recount them vis-a-vis Congress.

First, it was the renowned Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who came with his well known book “Freedom at Midnight“. This midnight word perhaps mesmerized his daughter, madam Indira Gandhi who declared “Emergency at Midnight”. Perhaps this attraction to the word “midnight” might have prompted madam Sonia to ask Chidambaram to make his announcement at midnight.

Now the Congress has locked itself in a tight corner. It can neither move forward, nor backward, why even sidewards! No wonder, the government has formed a panel to look into the Telegana issue which as we all Indians know, will give its verdict when the same is not required at all!

Perhaps, madam Sonia should understand that she cannot treat the Indians the same way her in-laws did. The younger generation is much more mature and learned and cannot be fooled for ever. The earlier she and the Congress realises it, the better will be for the nation.

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