Hai, it's me - SundarNow that you have seen me (or my photograph), let me give you some vital statistics about me. I am born on the 5th of May 1955 (5, 5, 55 - oh, what a coincidence to get all fives!).

I am married (and stayed married for 27 long years!) and have two children (a son and a daughter).

Armed with a bachelors degree in economics, I also did a post-graduate diploma in marketing management (and won't that make me a marketing guru!). I have also taken up web page designing and animation programs (Flash - what a superb animation software!) as a hobby.

If you like the page design, layout, graphical presentations, etc., I will appreciate your views. In case you notice any deficiency, or where the page needs to be touched up or can be made better, your comments will be absolutely and wholeheartedly welcome so that I can incorporate your suggestions wherever possible. And those of you who are interested in giving me job works on web page design, development of banner ads or other graphics for your pages, are most welcome on fees to be mutually agreed.

As far as my present business activities are concerned, these can be broadly divided into two

I am a senior marketing professional engaged in marketing of various cables (upto 132kV) manufactured by M/s KEI INDUSTRIES LIMITED and have been quite successful in meeting the targets. You may also visit KEI's home page to know more about their product details.